Posted On Apr 17

Cellular 5G/4G Physical Layer Firmware Engineer


Location : Bengaluru, Karnataka

Headquarters : United States

Hiring Mode : Full Time

Hiring Role : Firmware Engineer

Experience : Mid Level

Posted: Apr 16, 2021
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200238902
Do you have a passion for invention and self-challenge? Do you thrive on pushing the limits of what’s considered feasible? As part of an extraordinary modem team, you’ll craft sophisticated leading-edge embedded firmware that deliver more performance in our products than ever before. You’ll work across subject areas to transform improved hardware elements into a single, integrated design. Join us, and you’ll help us innovate new wireless systems technologies that continually outperform the previous iterations! By collaborating with other product development groups across Apple, you’ll push the industry boundaries of what wireless systems can do and improve the product experience for our customers across the world! As a 5G/4G Cellular Physical Layer Firmware Engineer on this team, you will be at the center of the embedded 5G/4G/multimode cellular firmware effort within a silicon design group responsible for designing and productizing state-of-the-art cellular SoCs. We are looking for someone comfortable with all aspects of embedded software development, who thrives in a dynamic cross-functional organization, is not afraid to debate ideas openly, and is flexible enough to pivot on constantly evolving requirements.
Key Qualifications
  • Experience with hardware control for physical layer 4G/5G data path processing
  • Understanding of 5G and 4G 3GPP protocols.
  • We are looking for candidates with deep understanding of software engineering principles, and core computer science fundamentals.
  • Fundamental facility with C and C++, compilers, build and source code control tools.
  • Significant experience with memory constrained Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and concurrent programming.
  • We are looking for candidates with good fundamentals of signal processing and digital communications.
  • Working knowledge of computer architecture with particular emphasis on the HW/SW interfaces of high speed communication subsystems.
  • Experience with silicon prototyping, emulation systems, and virtual platforms.
  • Proficiency debugging embedded software systems. Familiarity with UARTs, JTAG, and oscilloscopes.
  • Some mainstreamOS application level development and Python or Perl scripting experience.
  • We are hiring across levels and looking for 4 - 15 years of relevant experience
- Implement key 3GPP protocols and control/data path processing algorithms with very tight time, latency and energy budgets by interfacing to specialized cellular ASIC hardware. Examples of processing include 3GPP channels and procedures such as: a) PDCCH, PDSCH, PBCH b) PUCCH, PUSCH, PRACH c) UL/DL HARQ d) Tracking loops - Work with silicon designers to define HW interfaces, processors, bus, DMA, accelerator, and memory subsystems. - Specify, design, and implement the firmware architecture of a state-of-the-art mobile wireless communications system. - Assist in the development of pre-silicon emulation systems/virtual platforms and use them for pre-silicon FW design and HW verification. - Evaluate and implement leading edge tools for build, formal verification and test. - Define methodologies and best practices.
Education & Experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications, computer engineering or computer science is required.