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Principal Engineer

Qualcomm Technologies International Ltd

Location : REMOTE

Headquarters : United States

Hiring Mode : Full Time

Experience : Mid Level

Qualcomm Technologies International Ltd
Home Based
Qualcomm Technologies International Ltd
Job Area:
Engineering Group, Engineering Group > Machine Learning Engineering
General Summary
  • This individual creates advanced machine learning techniques that enable a broad set of technology verticals or designs and extends training or runtime frameworks or model efficiency software tools with new features and optimizations. This individual may also model, architect, and develop advanced machine learning hardware (co-designed with machine learning software) for inference or training solutions. 
  • These enable the discovery and improvement of state-of-the-art machine learning solutions that has general applicability at functional platform level towards audio, camera, graphics, video, sensors, wireless, and other functionality over various operating systems running on ARM processors and other embedded hardware like DSP/NSP processors, GPU processors that are embedded into mobile, edge, auto, and IOT products, or on data center based systems such as GPUs or dedicated AI hardware. Other responsibilities include developing optimized software to enable AI models efficiently deployed on hardware, such as machine learning kernels, compiler tools, or model efficiency tools, to make sure of specific hardware features, and/or working closely with hardware teams for joint design and development. 
  • In this regard, the individual may need to work with and/or optimize machine learning software frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch to efficiently run machine learning algorithms on hardware.
The responsibilities of this role include:
  • Working independently with no supervision.
  • Providing supervision to other supervisors/managers who may be direct reports.
  • Making decisions that are significant in impact, influencing overall program or project success, finances, and/or the ability to meet objectives; errors are not readily apparent due to the complexity of work process/product or time between decisions and results; errors typically result in significant expenditure of time, resources, and funds to correct.
  • Using verbal and written communication skills to convey complex and/or detailed information to multiple individuals/audiences with differing knowledge levels. May require strong negotiation and influence, communication to large groups or high-level constituents.
  • Some financial accountability (e.g., manages a small budget, has input into P&L).
  • Having a great degree of influence over key organizational decisions (e.g., is making or directly making key decisions that have substantial impact on the organization).
  • Completing tasks that require multiple steps that can be performed in various orders; tasks require simultaneously executing multiple cognitive abilities and maintaining information in short or long-term memory.
  • Regularly determining what needs to be done and is involved with sharing innovative solutions to achieve broad policies and objectives.
  • Working on abstract problems in variable situations that typically require complex analysis, interpretation, or evaluation of intangible factors; directing the resolution of complex problems that have impact beyond own area; participating in corporate development of methods, techniques, and evaluation criteria for projects, programs, and people.
  • Developing and redesigning organizational strategies and providing overall direction for various functional areas and/or entire organization. Has influence over the formulation and achievement of long-term business plans and objectives.
  • Conducts design reviews, project reviews, and project meetings across multiple technologies or product domains to monitor the effectiveness of machine learning solutions in meeting customer needs and aligning with the broader product/technology strategy/roadmap.
  • Plans and manages team activities on simultaneous, complex projects according to timelines and major project milestones to deliver solutions; monitors collaboration with cross-functional teams to accomplish tasks and communicates with senior stakeholders regarding project updates.
  • Serves as a technical expert and provides support to teams on data engineering or data management issues for machine learning solutions within a domain.
  • Acts as a technical lead for teams developing, adapting, and prototyping machine learning solutions; reviews and helps write proposals or roadmaps for sub-system of complex products and features; consults with staff engineers to ensure they understand development requirements for products.
  • Provides technical expertise to others within the team regarding experiments to train and evaluate machine learning solutions and communicates progress to key stakeholders.
  • Leads optimization efforts for new or existing machine learning solutions and shares expertise with team to identify and disseminate best practices and solutions to the most complex problems complex issues within domain; owns a sub-system of product or technology area related to machine learning.
  • Oversees the integration of machine learning architecture into platforms and products across projects within a domain for production; provides technical expertise and collaborates with cross-functional leaders to resolve systems-level issues during implementation.
  • Acts as an expert resource to others on matters related to machine learning industry trends, competitors' products, and advances within several domains from publicly available information and research; shares expertise within and/or across teams.
  • Leverages deep technical expertise in machine learning to identify trends and define future solutions by contributing to discussions on the short- and long-term strategic direction of the product/technology roadmaps.
Physical Requirements:
  • Frequently transports between offices, buildings and campuses up to ½ mile.
  • Frequently transports and install equipment up to 5 lbs.
  • Performs required tasks at various heights (e.g. standing or sitting).
  • Monitors and utilizes computers and test equipment for more than 6 hours a day.
  • Continuous communication which includes the comprehension of information with colleagues, customers and vendors both in person and remotely.
Minimum Qualifications
Bachelors - Computer Science, Bachelors - Engineering, Bachelors - Information Systems
Work Experiences:
8+ years Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Systems Engineering, or related work experience.
Preferred Qualifications
Masters - Computer Science, Masters - Engineering, Masters - Information Systems
Work Experiences:
  • Has developed 1+ novel Machine Learning architecture(s). ,5+ years experience with one or more programming language suitable for machine learning (e.g., Python, R, C, C++) ,5+ years of experience with low level interactions between operating systems (e.g., Linux, Android, QNX) and Hardware. ,5+ years experience using statistics and probability (e.g., conditional probability, Bayes rule) ,5+ years experience in embedded system development and optimization with application to a specific problem domain in ML (e.g., NLP, multi-media) ,5+ years experience with Machine Learning frameworks (e.g.,Tensor Flow, Caffe, Caffe 2, Pytorch, Keras). ,3+ years of work experience in a role requiring interaction with senior leadership (e.g., Director level and above). ,4+ years of experience working in a large matrixed organization. ,4+ years in a technical leadership role with or without direct reports (only applies to positions with direct reports).
  • AI Frameworks, Calculus, Data Manipulation, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Performance Optimization, Python, Statistics
  • *References to a particular number of years experience are for indicative purposes only. Applications from candidates with equivalent experience will be considered, provided that the candidate can demonstrate an ability to fulfill the principal duties of the role and possesses the required competencies.
Applicants :
  • If you are an individual with a disability and need an accommodation during the application/hiring process, please call Qualcomm’s toll-free number for assistance. Qualcomm will provide reasonable accommodations, upon request, to support individuals with disabilities to be able participate in the hiring process. Qualcomm is also committed to making our workplace accessible for individuals with disabilities. Qualcomm is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity.
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